In Memorium…

in memorium

Here, in the United States, we often take for granted our right to say what we like with little fear of reprisal. Our blogging brethren in other parts of the world are not always so fortunate. This is a page to remember the lives that have been taken because of their courage in saying what they thought, no matter the consequences.

Evany Jose Metzker

Evany Jose Metzker – decapitated in Brazil for denouncing corrupt politicians and investigating a child prostitution ring.

Ananta Bijoy Das

Ananta Bijoy Das – hacked to death in Bangladesh as being a critic of Islam

Washiqur Rahman

Washiqur Rahman – hacked to death in Bangladesh


Avijit Roy – hacked to death in Bangladesh

Ahmen Rajib Haider

Ahmed Rajib Haider

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