Mayweather or Foulweather?


We all know that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a disgusting excuse for a human being. If you don’t, just Google him and you’ll quickly get a picture. He has four children, but has never been married. The mother of three of them, Josie Harris, has gone on record about her horrific abuse. Worse still is that he beat her up in front of their oldest child, Koraun. Shantel Jackson, a woman he almost married, has also come forward about abuse. And, there have been others, several others. Yup, your all-around boy next door. That he became a boxer after his father and brothers is no surprise. That he suffered because his mother was a drug addict also does not surprise me.

But here’s what does – we condone his behavior in ways that border on criminal – such as aiding and abetting or accessory to a crime.

Both Wealth X and Celebrity Network now place his net worth at a healthy number above $300 Million. The income derived for this last event (a match against Manny Pacquiao) was sourced as having a live gate of approximately $74M and the pay-per-view sales at $400M (at an average per ticket price of $95, that comes to about 4.2M viewers).

So who is actually more disgusting – the animal that beats up women or the millions of people who pay to watch the fight and ignore, in fact REWARD this monster instead? He preys on women, yet walks free and lives in a 17,000 square foot home in Las Vegas. The one time he went to jail for a ridiculously short 87 day sentence, he was out in 60 days.

I have been a long-time dissenter for the amount of money we pay athletes in this country, the totals are obscene, but to pay a criminal like Mayweather and look the other way is just sick. Australia denied his permit to the country because of his criminal record; it’s a pity his own country doesn’t have as much sense.

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