It is apparently National Suicide Prevention week…

These are important words on a subject I am all too familiar with…


One would think I’d know that.  I’d really rather not.  I’d like to be just passively aware that people kill themselves and feel a detached sadness on their behalf.  I’m not.  I know 14,000 people try to kill themselves every day.  I know the anguish and despair they feel that leads them to conclude dead is better than living.  I know I’ve been among those 14,000 three times.  One would think I’d improve with practice.

On occasion I lend my voice and my words to this epidemic.  I’ve blogged about depression and suicide many times in this little puke of my mind page.  Mostly, I cringe and willfully look away.  I do so not because I disregard the plight of the mentally ill.  Ever been in a public restroom with harsh, glaring fluorescent lights after a rough night?  Nobody likes the image staring back from the mirror.  I don’t want…

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