Welcome to my blog-launch!

I’m so glad you stopped by…

So here’s what I think.

Blogs are like opinions, everyone has one. Most people don’t like hearing other people’s opinions. But that doesn’t matter to writers. Why? Because we can’t help ourselves. It’s this left brain thing that does something to force our fingers to push an organized set of keys to produce words on a screen. And Share. We have to share. We’re simply not happy if we don’t write and we don’t share. Ask a writer’s mother, wife, husband, child if they don’t often wonder what really makes their significant other or parent tick. We frequently space out, sometimes at the dinner table, or in the shower, sometimes even while we driving (hopefully the commissions on highway traffic safety will never force writers to have special license plates). It just means that we’ve taken temporary leave of our senses and feel the soft caress of words gently passing over the frontal lobe of our brains. And then we must write – it’s like taking an Excedrin for a headache.

Anyway, there is sometimes this quandary about what to write. Well, actually, there’s always a quandary, but if we’re lucky, we get to focus on a couple of things we feel passionate about, and then write about them. In my case, it came down to whether I should continue with my original quest – which was to give back a form of entertainment that saw me through so many difficult times, or tackle some of the more serious issues that come across my sphere of observation that invokes that spirit to wield the pen which is “mightier than the sword”. Discussing this with my girlfriend, she said: “why not do both?” She’s not my girlfriend for nothing, you see.

And so I shall. I will continue writing my books and telling my stories. But this blog, so named “My Intemperate Blog” is set aside for my, hopefully, well-considered rants and to hold certain issues up to the light of day in the hopes that whoever reads them will join me in moving something in a better direction, or rethinking a situation or an idea. Many of my thoughts about things are intemperate because the world is so screwed up, and my sense of injustice is moved to the extreme or the severe and that’s what intemperate is all about.