THunting/Murdering Animals for Sport: What Gives us the Right?


So it’s been quite a week for animal cruelty. First, I read about the man who literally mowed down a family of ducklings, and now I read about the Minnesota dentist who lured Cecil the Lion from his preserve, shot him with an arrow – a wound he suffered overnight before they caught up to him and killed him. Now, the remainder of his pride are at risk by other male lions who will seek to take over and possibly kill his cubs. This latest comes in the wake of stories about Rebecca Francis – an animal serial killer; also Ashley Johnston and Nathan Thompson: killers of puppies.

So here are some snarky comments I’ve read on these announcements:

“But the organization that aborts babies and sells their organs is acceptable to you…I know, it’s only a little baby…..but for God’s sake, the ducklings….who will give a voice to the ducklings???”

“I don’t really see a problem with his hunting. If he likes hunting for sport, so what? Yet, there are other commenters here, actually suggesting murder of a human being is somehow less abhorrent.”

“While pursuing his hobby of killing big game animals he has done most everything properly to follow regulations and pay all appropriate fees. Personally I think it’s a huge waste of money, but at least some of the money goes back to pay for conservation efforts.”

“I hunt deer but where I live we have to keep the population thinned because we have so many.”

Here are my comments in return:

1 – There are a ton of people mouthing off about abortions and pro-life so, quite frankly, someone actually does need to speak up for the ducklings!

2 – Murdering a human being is somehow less abhorrent? Well, now that you mention it, yes it is. Don’t like my comment? Tough!

3 – Fees that go back to conservation. Okay, that’s cool. I’ll pay a fee if I can go shoot Rebecca Francis or Walter Palmer and see to it that those funds go back to conservation as well.

4 – Hunting deer because the population needs to be thinned out. Well, guess what, at 7 billion, the human population is now more than the planet can sustain, so let’s get permits to shoot humans so we can thin out our population, too. We can start with ISIS, ISIL, the KKK, the White Aryan Resistance, Boko Haram, Al-Shabab, Al Qaeda, MS 13 members, Mexican drug lords. Maybe if we eliminate these, we can let a few more deer populate the planet.

I’m going to set up a new page, a “Most Wanted List” for people who take animal lives unnecessarily. The first inductees will be: Walter Palmer, Rebecca Francis, Jason Scott Falbo II, Ashley Johnston, and Nathan Thompson.

As humans, we possess the extreme arrogance to think that we can do whatever we please to the other species who occupy the planet – plant, fowl, animal, mammal, and fish. What gives us the right to do this? Anyone who spouts the words of Genesis to me in a comment on this post will be deleted. I’m all about free speech and discussion on differing points of view, even when they don’t agree with mine. But on this topic – it’s not going to happen!

Walter Palmer “Trophies”:



Rebecca Francis “Trophies”:




The Flying Fickle Finger of Fate Award: The Polar Divide


In the late 60s and early 70s, an enormously popular TV comedy show, Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-in, routinely awarded the Flying Fickle Finger of Fate trophy for such things as Congress being unable to pass gun control legislation (click on the link – 47 years ago and we’re still talking), or for cops who sleep on the job, or once for the state of California for passing a law that allowed car dealers to disconnect odometers until the vehicle was sold. Though delivered within the context of a variety comedy show, most recipients were chosen for a more derisive purpose.

So, the Polar Divide. I say polar as in opposite as well as something glacial (big and cold) in nature. It’s what we’ve got. Here’s a short list:

Republican vs Democrat: budget and debt, education, the environment, immigration, and tax reform go through endless yet inconclusive debate.

Congressional Voting

Congressional Voting

Gay Marriage vs Heterosexual Marriage: though the LGBTQ community has finally received legislative support, the debate and posturing continues ad nauseum.

marriage merge

Ban the Confederate Flag vs proudly flying its colors: racist or heritage – an amazing example of how people can be insensitive and egocentric


For those for Obama vs those Against Obama: more like Democrats vs Fox News

Obama Fox 119-300x225

White Supremacists vs Jews and anyone not white: the ugliest face of America

white pride

1% vs 99% (Government, Wall Street, and the wealthiest Americans): the definition of unbalanced.


Freedom From Religion vs Religion (State vs Church): Bible thumpers, atheists, governments, all circling around the mat, pulling quotes out of context, misconstruing the truth, and morons like Pat Robertson claiming we’re all going to be having sex with animals soon because of gay marriage (apply this comment to the marriage item above, as well).

freedom from religion 2

Police Brutality vs Black People: it’s hard to ignore the fact that more unarmed black people are shot by police than any other group, but people also forget that uniformed police officers are often moving targets – when your life is on the line daily, it’s hard to imagine that you don’t overreact sometimes. Unfortunately, an underlying sense of racism fuels the fire, and it’s not going to get better any time soon.

police brutality

American Jihadists against anyone and everyone. As I said in a post a couple of months ago, the war is here, and it too won’t be getting better any time soon.


I’m sure if I thought for another three or four seconds I could augment this list with another dozen examples. Such a huge percent of the news I read and the meme’s I see (I also create memes in the way cartoons try to illustrate the ridiculous, but I do attempt to be truthful) are so heavily laden with finger pointing that things have escalated to the point where truth has been left behind; in fact it’s unrecognizable. Our political candidates are, and always have been, the worst of the lot. They just don’t get that we don’t want to hear what the other guy did wrong; we want to hear what they’re going to do, instead.

Wars often bring a people together (Vietnam notwithstanding), but I don’t see how in the face of these polar divisions we will ever be able to conquer our domestic foes (hell, our own Civil War only had like four major fundamental factors), not to mention those that are ramping up their military overseas: Russia, China, North Korea, and the indecipherable mess that is always the Middle East – loyalties, hatreds, vendetta’s, alliances; they shift faster than the sands of their dunes.

So, on this fine morning, I hereby present the Flying Fickle Finger of Fate award to the Government of the United States and its people for being so addle-brained, capricious, and ignorant that the nation now has a seemingly unsolvable divide and for setting the nation rolling down the hill to oblivion with no emergency brake.

Certificate ver 2

Racism Is a Lifestyle Choice Part One

This from one of the most determined activists and writers I know…considering this post is two years old, it shows she was on point even then over the issue of the stars and bars…

Lady Diction

I was a naive girl. I grew up on military bases from Fort Campbell, Kentucky to Fort Dix, New Jersey, which may have been some of the most racially egalitarian places in the country. Military bases often are. My neighborhood was diverse, but at the time I didn’t recognize that. Kids were kids. We all played together, went to each others birthday parties, snuck kisses behind trees, never paying attention to the color of each others skin.

Our neighborhoods were divided by military rank, so our dads were all Green Berets, or Drill Sergeants, or Rangers. We didn’t care much about that either.

I remember first learning about the United States’ history of intolerance in school: slavery, civil rights and racism. I thought how terrible things were back then. I believed that I lived in a time when people were equal. That racism was a thing of the past…

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